Due to COVID-19 outbreak we will only process wholesale order until further notice. Small order starting from 20 April 2020 will not be processed and the payment will be refunded unless requested otherwise by the customer without develiry date commitmen

Terms and Conditions


This page shows you the terms and conditions which govern the use of ShoppingBali.com website, either as a guest or a registered user.

You acknowledge that by using this website you accept, subject, agree to and comply with all the terms and conditions that will apply in accordance with the way you use either as a seller or a buyer.

Shopping Bali is a place to display and promote products INSTEAD OF ADVERTISING. Therefore, we reserve the right to change or delete a product with a name or description that contains advertisement.

You are entitled to use all Shopping Bali services except in selling goods for free forever.

To take advantage of certain features (including to list your product and doing transactions), you must register as a member of Shopping Bali by completing the registration form available on Shopping Bali website. You are required to provide valid, accurate, complete and latest information during the registration and promise to update all registration information if the information provided during registration is incorrect or inaccurate. The use of personal information that you provide to Shopping Bali during the registration process is governed by the privacy policy Shopping Bali, which can be reviewed in at http://www.shoppingbali.com/pages/privacy-policy_6.html.

You will not use this website in ways that can harm Shopping Bali. You will not use this website in any way which could damage, failing, overload, or damage any web page of the site or interfere any other party from using the service.

You will ensure that you will only use the service be for lawful purposes and will be conducted in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, and other legal laws. You further represent and ensure that you will not use the site or service to violate the law, regulation or rules, including but not limited to, the right to privacy, publications, patents, copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property.

In certain parts of the service allows you to send or post a comment, text, file, image, video, message or other materials (collectively called "User-Generated Content"). You agree that you will only post User-Generated Content that you are legally entitled to publish, and you will not deliberately provide invalid or misleading information. You also understand and agree that any content that you have submitted to the site through the service can be used by Shopping Bali anywhere, anytime and for any reason.

You acknowledge and guarantee that all contents that you transmit, display, publish or post on the site is owned by you or you have the right to transmit, display, publishing or posting. You are responsible for any risk that may arise as a result of infringement of copyright, trademark or other proprietary right, or any other damages arising from the material that you upload, post or make available on the service, including comment.

Members are not allowed to send any type of personal information that allows direct communication (telephone number, email address, bank account number) or sending spam / message / comments containing insults against ethnic, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation member other.

As a buyer you agree to pay the shipping cost for delivering your goods.


Shopping Bali accepts payment via bank transfer, IPAYMU, Paypal and DOKU. When ordering goods, you are given the freedom to choose the method payment. You will receive an invoice that is sent via e-mail. Payment must be made before 2x24 hours since the invoice is sent. Shopping Bali have the right to cancel orders in the case of late payment.

Bank Transfer Payments

For the bank transfer payment method, you will be given instructions on how pay and the account number. The Instructions will be sent via email. You are only allowed to send or transfer the payment to the account number listed in the email.

Payments through IPAYMU

IPAYMU is a way of online payment to facilitate users to transact using Internet services. IPAYMU owned by PT. Inti Prima Mandiri Utama. IPAYMU provide 3 (three) services, member payment, non-members and credit cards. If you decide to pay by credit card through IPAYMU your payment will be processed by IPAYMU, IPAYMU or PT. Inti Mandiri Utama Prima will be shown on the credit card / bank bill and you will receive a notification via e-mail from IPAYMU on such transactions.

Payment Through Paypal

Paypal is a global payments platform available in 203 countries. You can use paypal if you want to pay using credit card. By using Paypal you are protected by the Buyer & Seller Protection.

Payment Through DOKU

Shopping Bali processes credit card, ATM Bersama, DOKU Wallet, Alfamart dan Mandiri credit card installment using DOKU MyShortCart.

Payment using Credit Card

Credit card will be processed by Paypal or IPAYMU or DOKU accordance with the payment method you choose when ordering goods. Shopping Bali never store your credit card data. You will be charged for payment processing fee as follows:

    3.5% of the total order + Rp5,000, -
  • Paypal
    4.4% of the total order + $0.3
  • DOKU
    3.5% of total order

Returns and Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can apply for refunds through the contact us page on our site by including your order number within 7 (seven) days after receiving the goods. Once approved you are required to return the goods to Shopping Bali within 30 (thirty) days after receiving the goods to the address listed on the contact us page. The Goods must be unused, the tags are not damaged (if any), and must be in original packaging (if any).

You must ensure that the goods sent to us is in the same condition as when you receive the goods and packaged well. Otherwise, we reserve the right to not accept returns and send the product back to you.

Refunds will be issued as soon as we receive the goods, with the following conditions:

  • If you pay by bank transfer then we will refund your payment via bank transfer.
  • If you pay via paypal we will refund your payment via paypal using the facilities provided by paypal.
  • If you pay by IPAYMU then we will refund your payment via bank transfer.
  • If you pay by credit card via IPAYMU your credit card will remain billed and refunds will be made through a bank transfer as the previous rule.
  • if your payment is processed by DOKU we will refund your payment via bank transfer.
  • If you pay by credit card via DOKU your credit card will remain billed and refunds will be made through a bank transfer as the previous rule.  
  • The refund will be deducted by payment processing fee in accordance to this terms and conditions.

Seller agreement

By the time uploading a product or goods in ShoppingBali.com you are bound and agree to the seller agreement.

On each transaction that occurs in ShoppingBali.com there will be fees charged to both the seller and the buyer. Sellers will be charged 10% from the product price sold for each transaction.

You are not allowed to distribute or inform your bank account number or take other steps to avoid the payment process according to this terms and conditions.

Seller agrees that any goods sold will be sent on behalf Shopping Bali. When necessary and only with the Shopping Bali approval, the seller agreed to send the goods directly to the buyer (Drop Shipment).

Sellers are required to include accurate information about the product, including but not limited to: photo, name, description, price and shipping weight. Seller is forbidden to share addresses, phone numbers, email, blackberry pin or other contact information on the product name or description.

The product picture must meet the following requirements:

  • The maximum picture size is 1MB, with minimum resolution of 600 x 600px;
  • The picture must not contain text, except the text that is printed on the product, does not contain a watermark, and border;
  • Picture must be original and not from other places (including website which does not belong to the seller), and you must have the right to distribute the picture;
  • You agree that Shopping Bali reserves the right to change the submitted information and manipulate the uploaded pictures.

The following goods are forbidden in Shopping Bali:

  • Alcohol
  • Living animals
  • pornography
  • Real estate (houses)
  • Illegal drugs
  • Weapon
  • Illegal product
  • Items that can be offensive or degrading race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Seller shall be responsible to protect and maintain Shopping Bali good name from the claims for the damage and losses caused by the materials and information presented or published by the seller as part of the seller product information that are listed in Shopping Bali.


Shopping Bali currently collaborating with third parties for delivery. The shipping cost is calculated based on the product weight and shipping destination. Shopping Bali will provide estimate shipping cost, but shipping cost inaccuracy is beyond Shopping Bali responsibility. Any damage, theft or loss during the delivery process is Shopping Bali responsibility. Shopping Bali schedule delivery 2 (two) delivery times a week, every Monday and Tuesday.

About Organic Fresh Vegetables

We categorize fresh vegetables as vegetables that are picked less than 24 hours. Organic vegetables are vegetables grown in organic fields without using chemical fertilizers, without using pesticides and other chemicals. Therefore, organic vegetables may have defect due to pests such as caterpillars bite. We always try to maintain the quality, so that the vegetables that are sent to you without defects. Vegetables that you receive may experience severe shrinkage, which generally between 0.01 - 0,02Kg that is caused by decreasing water levels during the shipping process. All your complaints about the fresh vegetables can be submitted via the contact us page.

Limitation of Liability

Neither Shopping Bali or any third party provide guaranty or warranty on time accuracy, performance, information accuracy and materials found or offered on the website. You acknowledge that these information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the extent permitted by law.

Use of any information, materials and services is entirely at your risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that any services provided or the information provided through the website meet your needs.

We will not be responsible to you for any damages (including lost profits / savings, or incidental or consequential) that happens to you, or your information and your business in connection with this agreement or in connection with services hereunder.

Shopping Bali will be responsible for all claims or complaints that occur as a result of errors or inaccuracies in the services or website. We will provide compensation 3 (three) times from the product price and no more than Rp1,000,000 (one million rupiah).


These terms and conditions shall continue in force until terminated by either you or Shopping Bali as below

  • You can stop using our services at any time by contacting us;
  • Shopping Bali may terminate the agreement with you at any time if:
    • You violate any provision in these terms (either intentionally or unintentionally) or unable to comply this terms and conditions;
    • Shopping Bali required to do so by law;
    • Shopping Bali no longer provide service according to these terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions Modification

Shopping Bali have the discretion to renew the terms and conditions at any time. When we do so, we will send a notification on the main page of our site, revise the updated date at the bottom of this page. We encourage users to frequently check this page to see changes to these terms and conditions. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review these terms and conditions periodically.


Last modification date: November 1st, 2016