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Multipurpose Wooden Cooking Spatula

Multipurpose Wooden Cooking Spatula
Material: Teak Wood
Size: 29 x 7 x 2cm
Handwash only.

Multipurpose Wooden Cooking Spatula made of Teak Wood.
Culinary innovations come and go, but it's heartening to know that many cooks still will not be parted from their wooden spoons. A wooden spoon is a must have in the kitchen. You will pick up your wooden spoon almost every time you cook.

Our spoons collections are natural oil finish. We use natural oil food-safe, home-made with the contents: Oil lime, Soybean oil, Clove, Nutmeg. Also as all spoons do not conduct heat they will not melt in an unattended pan. Even leaning them in the hot pot for a long time their handles still stay cool.

Due to natural material, slight differences in color or pattern from pictures should be expected.



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