Nowadays there are many online shop that help us to purchase online. Online shop makes purchasing process quicker and simpler especially for secondary needs. Although we need to pay shipping cost. There are many domestic online shops offer free shipping so we do not need to pay extra cost. However for international online shopping, we will not have a free shipping option. Here are the few tips that you could do to reduce the shipping cost for international shippment.

  • Group Purchasing
    Before doing international shopping ask your friends if they want to purchase in the same online shop. International shipping cost is calculated based on weight ranges. For example 500Gr - 1Kg is $10. If your item is 600Gr and your friend is 400Gr, you could share the shipping cost with your friend, instead of paying 1kg cost yourself.
  • Subscribe the Newsletter
    Many online shops will offer discount coupon when you are subscribing their newsletters. Use this discount coupon on checkout, so you could get cheaper price on the goods even though the shipping cost is the same.
  • Keep items in your wish list on in you online shopping cart
    Every retailers will monitor wish list and abandoned chart. They usually will alert you when the price is drop or when they have special offer. Not all the retailer will alert you but when you subscribing their newsletter you will know if the have promotion.
  • Choose Longer Delivery Time
    One of the biggest ways to get cheap shipping is simply avoid options such as 2-day and next day shipping as these are always the most expensive and more often than not avoidable. if your item is not time sensitive choose longer delivery time since it is always cheaper. You could slash a lot shipping cost when choosing this option.

As mentioned above on of the option to reduce the shipping cost is to choose longer delivery time. Now when purchasing online on Shopping Bali you will able to do this. We are adding new shipping method that we called "Cheaper Shipping Options". Previously we have added EMS as shipping method. EMS offers cheapest shipping cost with fast delivery time. With this new option "Cheaper Shipping Options" we will offer you some shipping options with cheaper price and variety of delivery times. However the shipping cost calculation could not be done automatically, after placing an order you will not make a payment directly but let us finding the options first. You receive the options in email and then you could choose the option that best suits your needs and budget. For more the detail please check the following video on how to get cheaper shipping options on Shopping Bali.