Saving money on shipping cost in important for our customers. Shipping cost is calculated based on two factors, items weight and volume. Light item with big volume will cost you higher shipping cost. In Shopping Bali there are items with small weight but height volume. 

Salad BowlFruit Basket

For example the salad bowl and fruit basket above, the bowl is only 600gr but the volume weight is 1200gr, twice of the actual weight. You could fill up to 20 egg holders inside the browl and pay the same shipping cost. Another example is the sokasi banten below (Sokasi is a basket from bamboo, mostly used to bring offering by Balinese).

Sokasi Banten

The sokasi weight is only 300gr but the volume weight is 3000gr, 10 times the actual weight. You could put the following items inside the sokasi and pay the same shipping cost.



Unfortunately automatic system like Shopping Bali website shipping cost calculator could not do the same thing with Human, by puting smaller items into bigger item and only calculate the bigger item shipping cost. The website will sum all the items weight and calculate the cost. For example 1 sokasi + 3 start bowl = 3000 + (3 x 400) = 4200gr. And you will need to pay more expansive shipping cost again.

To help our customers to save money on shipping cost, we add new shipping method to our website called "Cheaper Shipping Options". By choosing cheaper shipping options during checkout the website let us to calculate the shipping cost manually and give customers more freedom to choose shipping cost and options that best suits their needs and budget. 

We have an interesting story from one of our Europe customer experiences using this new cheaper shipping options. The customer placed 3 orders, the first one was using EMS, the second and third ones were using this new options. Since on every order there was made to order item. We offered the customer to ship all the orders using cheaper shipping options. We offered the following 3 shipping options:

  • POS Indonesia LN
    Price: $51.32
    Estimates Times: 70 Days
  • POS Indonesia Expres LN
    Price: $89.10
    Estimates Times: 10 Days
  • EMS
    Price: $152.93 (Original calculation from website)
    Estimates Times: 3 - 4 Days

The customer chose "POST indonesia Expres LN", the first order shipping cost using EMS was $29.74 and the customer only need to pay $59.36 more, the customer saved $63.83 (about 41%) and could save $101.61 (about 65%) if the customer chose "POS Indonesia LN".